Manage Transitions Gracefully with Satish

a Journey from Head to Heart and Heart to Home

transition meditation

healing transition

2023 Transitions to 2024

Past Transitions to Future

Relationship Transitions

Career Transitions

Home Transitions

meditative way

Meditations on Time and Space

So you are always Gracefully in the Here and Now,
being present to the present and
welcoming the future.

Happy Healthy You is a Blessing to our beautiful planet.
Radiant Glowing You is a Blessing to our beautiful planet.
Centered Grounded You is a blessing to our beautiful planet.

Noticing the global economic, social and political influence
on the human mind, it's time to think, really really think...
How to live life mindfully
understanding the challenges and opportunities
associated with global change.

Always Ready to Respond

To the ever changing climate of life.

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