Kriya Shakti - Abundance Manifestation Process

a Journey from Head to Heart and Heart to Home

The Universe has an infinite capacity to give to you
Develop your capacity to receive applying Kriya Shakti

Transform your Life in just 3 days!

Healing is an invitation to discover glamour within

kriyashaktiEmpowerment for Accelerated Energy Healing
An alternative medicine approach towards your radiant health

Transforming the way
You "Attract Abundance" @ all levels
Doing Ancestral Healing.


How can KriyaShakti help you?

Kriya Shakti is an ancient Indian energy healing technique
with a series of abundance manifestation processes.
Kriya means action and Shakti means energy. Energy in Action.
To add energy to your intentions learn KriyaShakti.
Apply inner world formulas for outer world success.

inner work for seekers

That's what we call inner work.

inner work

Nothing to buy. Nothing to sell. Nothing to market.
Nobody to impress.
Meditative focus on inner work for
sincere seekers of the light within.

healer training processTwo persons were traveling through the night.
One had a lamp, another had no lamp.
But while they were both walking together their path was lit.
The path of the one who had no lamp was also lit,
and he was very happy.
He never bothered about any lamp - what was the need?
But then they came to a crossroad,
and the man who had a lamp had to go his way.
Suddenly there was darkness.
Now the other man suffered very much.
He started crying and weeping, saying,
“Why didn't I learn how to make a lamp?
Why didn't I ask the man how to light the lamp?
My own lamp - even if it were small -
would have been better than this...
...but I never thought about it.
I had thought everything was going so well,
so what was the need - The path was lit.
But now.....”

Quantum physics have validated the fact that
everything in the universe is created from energy and
the various forms of energy are inter-convertible.
The mystics and healers of India, China, Tibet already knew
this secret - mind power to manifest and heal, thousands of years ago.

Now it's your turn to use the ancient wisdom for your personal growth.

How many thoughts do you think each day?
How many of these thoughts manifest and bring abundance to you?

experience is the way

It's time to discover
the healing power of your Thought Energy...Now
to minimize the steps and the time needed
to achieve your goals.

The creative process of
Maximising Daily Progress Energy
reaching New Frontiers

Learn KriyaShakti - the science of abundance manifestation
Key to radiant health, true wealth, richer relationship, spiritual growth
and a lot more...
All happens effortlessly as you apply simple energy healing principles
when you learn to raise the frequency of your personal magnetism.

Manifest abundance of inner magnetism

Within each one of us lies the Source...the Core Light...
the Ocean of Existence.

One drop from this Ocean and Our cup is filled,
One spark of this Light and Our cells ignite with
the Fire of Purification.
Inner Harmony resonates throughout Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Re-awakening the Healing Light within
We enter into Realm of All Possibilities.

kriyashaktiwith Satish in Los Angeles, California

You will learn with Practical Hands-on-Training

ancestral healingHealing your ancestors unresolved emotional issues,
as the unresolved issues of our ancestors
can continue to affect our lives,
even if we are consciously not aware of them.

Healing the karmic past from your energy fields,
Healing ceremony for ancestral lineage cleansing
offers you more clean and clear space for deeper healing realms.

Heal intergenerational traumas, wounds, patterns and imbalances
that have been passed down through the family lineage.

Acknowledging and honoring ancestors, receive ancestral blessings and
create a healthier and more balanced family lineage for future generations.

“I love the process of learning how to heal others.
The golden rods were amazing for me.
I was totally moved by the message I received
during the deep breathing exercise.
The work we did with our ancestors just opened up a lot of doors,
answered questions, I never even thought to ask and
gave me a greater appreciation for those generations before me
who helped shape the woman that I am.
I am so excited for the wonderful changes
that will soon occur in my life,
that will be far greater than anything
I could have even imagined
because I have been blessed
by so many rich souls these last three days.”
Davida Colona Roberts, Fashion / Style Expert

breathwork for accelerated healingBreathe and Connect with your personal power.
Learn how to live and be alive again.
Break the patterns of sadness and depression.
Feel centered and get grounded. Experience Profound personal change.

healing karmic roots Karmic roots exist in 2 kinds of karmas - sukarma and vikarma.
Akarma is the pathway to heal karma from its base roots.

“Very exciting days, each and every day, since attending your class.
The biggest change in reality is, I do not need to drink!
It's amazing - I can enjoy myself without drinking.
I carried that trauma for so long,
and have tried to quit for six years.
It seems that everything that I want to do is coming to me
since the alcohol habit is gone.
I feel so good about myself.
I did not even try so hard - as if you guys took that energy away!
What a wonderful feeling.
The universe is my friend now.
Before taking the class I did not have this consciousness.
Thank you so much.”
Yumi Nishi, Massage Therapist

high sense perceptionaura awareness, scanning energy, distance scanning,
pendulum dowsing, developing Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience.

“I was able to open myself up to energy
more than I have been able to in the past.
I loved that I could sense someone's energy field...”
Brett Harmon, Aircraft Mechanic

Yoga Nidra - art of ultimate relaxationLearn the art of yogic sleep and
you will find lots of negative and stressful blocks in the body and mind dissolving.
Yesssss restful sleep is an art. Rarely someone does it right.
Yoga Nidra makes your mind alert,
improves your decision making power and
you feel relaxed, centered and grounded.
The amount of Harmonic Resonance that happens in your life
is directly proportional to
the centered stress-free energy you carry with you.

“Thank you for the workshop.
There are no words to describe
all the miracles we were shown that weekend.
It was an amazingly overwhelming experience
that set forth a chain of life changing events.
The most valuable lesson learned is about healing,
that with healing and faith
a person can cure absolutely any disease or illness.
I now believe this with my heart and
am eternally grateful that you helped me realize this.

The challenge I was put to this summer,
how you healed in a week
something doctors could not fix in three months.
( serious medical disease )
After the workshop I was put to test again.
I think the reason was so I could apply these techniques and
cure myself and it worked -
The problems went away.

Thank you for helping me find a key that
all the doctors and hospitals should have.”

Maiken L, Actress

release energy vampiresProtecting and shielding your energy field from harmful influences,
psychic vampires and psychic attack.
Learn to block intrusive vibrations from external sources.
Diffuse the magnitude of psychic interference.
Understand the role of the light and the dark forces in your life.
Stay centered and grounded in turbulent times.
Feel playfully safe and comfortable in your body.

“...thank you for your graciousness.
It means the world to me to have so much support.
The three day intensive workshop was
a great tool for my personal development.
I realized I hold myself back
from completely taking everything in and
learning to my full potential...
I had such a great time being with a bunch of strangers.
I say this because it did take a lot of courage for me
to do what we all did as a group.
I am often very intimidated about sharing my feelings in any room.
So I thank you and myself for the opportunity to open up.
The experience was wonderful and
I would recommend it to anyone who is open to a "higher situation."

Susanna's words that completed our weekend workshop,
the last meditation, was what hit home for me.
I have always heard these words from god,
telling me I am a child of the light and
I have an important mission here.
I have had a lot of trouble accepting this intense message.
Over the years I have doubted myself.
That night really confirmed that I am not crazy.
"It is a grandiose thought", I would think.
Now I am facing this truth that I gratefully accept.
My writing will play a big part in being the messenger.
I now have a clearer vision.
I realize what I am supposed to write.
...this call is something great that must be held precious....”

Blessings and Love, Carey R.

healer skills Skills for uneven, uncertain and changing climate of life.
Skills that position you in an empowering space.
Skills that will transform you forever...

“If one is looking for answers to find oneself,
or guidance to do so,
Kriya Shakti provides both.
This is a beautiful process of finding power within.
Satish's care, wisdom and complete devotion
are something rare and precious.
I will never forget this experience.
It has elevated me to heights I did not expect.
This is a wonderful opportunity to open up
so much in a safe, inviting space.
Thank you so much, Satish! You're amazing!”
Elena Gadelev, Hypnotherapist

The power of active listening, inner listening,
receiving guidance, channeling Love and
Compassion: the ultimate healing power.
Know the difference between a healer and a technician.

“Working as a body worker / healer for last 4 years,
learned many techniques, had many healing sessions done.
There were still many issues that I could not solve.
Taking your class was great eye opening.
Now I know...
Thank you. Love and Peace :)”
Saori, Body worker / Healer

one on one healing Healing the past, Sense of direction and clarity about the future and
to have multi-purpose energy healing tools in the present and
the wisdom - when to use the tools and when to just be,
Is the most valuable gift you can ever give yourself or your loved ones.

“In these 3 days I experienced the transition from therapist to healer.
It was a grace and a blessing
I had not been aware that my soul was asking for.
It has ignited my passion to serve the world
in an even deeper and greater way and
tremendously increased my capacity for unconditional love.”
Robin Ruth, Massage therapist / Healer

group healing a speechless space where all you can express is
heartfelt gratitude.

“Thank you for the workshop...
There are no words to describe all the miracles
we were shown that weekend.
It was an amazingly overwhelming experience
that set forth a chain of life changing events.
The most valuable lesson learned is about healing...
that with healing and faith
a person can cure absolutely any disease or illness.
I now believe this with my heart and
am eternally grateful that you helped me realize this.
The challenge I was put to this summer,
how you healed in a week
something doctors could not fix in three months
( serious medical disease )
After the workshop I was put to test again
(I think the reason was
so I could apply these techniques and cure myself)
and it worked - The problems went away.
Thank you for helping me find a key
that all the doctors and hospitals should have.”
Maiken L, Actress

high frequency healing energy transmission High-frequency healing energy transmission throughout the class to
nourish your mind -body - soul - spirit.

“Another wonderful step forward towards finding joy,
satisfaction and enlightenment.
I look forward to continuing the journey”
Bryan Davidson, FP MD

inner centering and grounding techniques Hara alignment for manifesting your highest potential,
identifying core belief patterns:
transforming the deep wounds of the soul and
welcoming your spirit into your body.
Earth is blessed by a centered and grounded "Luminous You."

“Satish has truly been a blessing in my life.
I met Satish a decade ago during a turbulent time.
Through breathing techniques and other centering practices,
I was able to re-center and begin a new journey of joy and manifestation.”
Troy Carter

attract universal abundance Experience abundance at all levels:
Health, Wealth, Happiness and Love and Friendship.
See your abundance graph rising day by day using Chakra Magic.

“This weekend workshop was pure bliss
from the beginning to the end.
Even though I hit some obstacles and
barriers within myself along the way,
I came out with a joy, love and understanding of fellow man,
the principles of Kriya Shakti and most importantly, myself.
This workshop is not for those people unwilling to work on themselves.
Many times I was confronted with my ego
which tried to stop me from learning and growing...
into a beautiful new, more conscious me.

I realized at what price self-growth comes - it's hard.
The exercises you chose were
perfectly fit for the group's level of understanding.
I was given powerful life-changing tools,
as was promised on the flyer...

I know that within just three days,
I emerged as different than when I walked in.
The energy in the room,
filled with high expectations and a huge schedule,
was clearly one of the best I have ever learned or worked in.

The energy healing approach we were taught is out of this world.
Pure light and love came through each of us,
giving me strength and courage to continue on my healing path.
The meditations, the excursions into other realms,
the channeling, and much more,
was so overwhelmingly beautifully staged in your temple
that I cannot really thank you enough
or show my gratitude for what you have given me.
What I would ideally like to hear is that you take your idea and
expand your workshop and have it last 21 days,
as I am sure it is an even more effective and
powerful way to transform our lives.

With the tools you have given me
I am already experiencing some major shifts in my life.
Most importantly being guided by the universe in the right direction.
Having found you on the internet
is just a tiny demonstration of how powerful thought can be.
Meeting you both has been the best thing ever -
to have the privilege of getting all these valuable insights,
training, blessings. ”

Laura Gollnow, artist

inner cosmos meditation Discover the difference between concentration and meditation.
Effective techniques for the modern mind.
Journey to your deep inner space called Home Within.

Healing light illuminates dying light The only healing magic worth learning is be a lit lamp

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